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“I can’t run because my knee hurts. I have a bad back. I can’t swim because I don’t know how. The seat hurts my butt when I bike. The treadmill is boring and I always trip over my feet. I don’t have time. I’ll miss my favorite tv show “Being Mary Jane”. I’m not a morning person. I’m too tired when I come home from work. I just ate. The kids have homework. It’s too hot. It’s too cold. I don’t know how to play basketball, volleyball, football, racquetball”…

These were some of my excuses when I decided to start exercising regularly. I thought back to my childhood and remembered I loved biking in the neighborhood. So one Sunday morning, I decided, I’m buying a bike! I have been in love with cycling ever since. Because I live in Cleveland, Ohio where we have two seasons HOOOOOT or frostbite cold, I had to choose an alternative. When the weather doesn’t permit, I cycle indoors! When I want the energy of a class, I attend a local hip-hop cycling class. Or I can ride my own indoor spinning bike. I have padded shorts (about $40 but worth the investment) and cycling shoes.

Here are my tips for starting a regular exercise program.

  • If you have medical conditions that prevent you from exercising, seek medical advice.

  • Find a friend and go on “active dates”

  • Try new things. You never know what you will like.

  • Invest. Buy what you need to make the exercise as comfortable as possible. Those padded shorts saved my (butt) life. For you, it may be a new pair of running shoes, headphones for your favorite playlist, or a matching exercise outfit.

  • Short on cash, find a local recreation center or free class.

  • Don’t have time, pick a time of day you feel most energetic and motivated. Then schedule an appointment you can’t miss. We all have the same 24 hours in a day.

  • Multi-task. Watch tv and exercise at the same time. Or watch tv and listen to your professor’s lectures.

Exercise has to be a priority. It is just as important as going to work or school. Find your own form of exercise you enjoy. And find a backup plan if it is weather dependent. Invest in yourself! Your health is worth it!

P.S. I'm co-hosting a Walking Wellness event, Saturday, August 6th, 10:30 am, at EdgeWater Park. See the link for details. Hope to see you there :)


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